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24. august 2015

  As we approach the first anniversary for the Comedy of Things (CoT) workshop, I feel compelled to share some of the ways in which the event has informed and, in a very practical sense, affected my own work. While there surely are facets and insights from the workshop that have yet to dawn on […]

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3. februar 2015

I take writing this comment as a chance to reflect on the task we were given to make an exhibition as part of the Comedy of Things. Making an exhibition was premised on the assumption that new anthropological insight might be gained by setting a constraining scene for playful engagement with things (some of these […]

6. januar 2015

  I make these initial comments (1) as a reaction to  a wonderful conversation I had with Morten Nielsen on a stroll at Moesgaard about a month after our   CoT week, when he explained to me  your ideas and rationales in designing and conducting our project, and  (2) as notes I took on reading about two  […]

6. januar 2015

  We were the Guinea pigs. The neutrinos. The Higgs bosons. We were theorized upon, modelled, desired. We were called forth into existence. We were experimented into the world. In their masterpiece on the life of experiment Leviathan and the air pump, Steve Shapin and Simon Schaffer described Robert Boyle’s ingenuity in designing and setting-up […]

1. januar 2015

  I arrived at the project on a leap of faith – basically, that an ethnographic experiment that could, perchance, become an event. When I left the project grounds, I had not a nanosecond of doubt that an event had indeed occurred, at least to my way of thinking – though in two competing senses. […]

17. december 2014

  Moment One. My first impression was ‘Who are all these people?’. I mean I recognised many of them but what were they doing here in this remote Danish beach-side hotel that had taken me such a long time to reach (and in different stages and by different modes of transport). I was expecting the […]