Collectors Info, Item No: 13 -1

Newspaper clippings from Mozambique. In 2004, I applied for and got a PhD scholarship focusing on corruption in relation to urban management in Mozambique. At the time, corruption was just about to become one of the central issues among development agencies in Western Europe and, although I did not know it at the time, my project was precisely what was required: Empirical information on how people in the so-called developing world acted in relation to different forms of corruption. The only problem being that I never really wanted to carry out the project I had applied for. Within a month after having commenced doing ethnographic fieldwork in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, I realized that other issues were much more relevant that simply examining the meaning of corruption. Still, feeling a certain responsibility towards the good people having initially awarded me the scholarship, I faithfully continued collecting information about corruption. In particular, I bought all daily newspapers and cut out every small article that might somehow be relevant to a project on corruption. This collection of newspaper clippings has been standing on the shelf in my office since 2004 as a reminder of a project that I never did