Gregory Delaplace

GRÉGORY DELAPLACE is a lecturer at the Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, and head to Depart   ment of Anthropology. He has worked in Mongolia with interests in funerary rituals, chance encounters with the invisible, shamanism, and hip-hop. He is the author of L’invention des morts. Sépultures, fantômes et photographie en Mongolie contemporaine (EMSCAT Nord-Asie) as well as a co-editor of Frontier Encounters. Knowledge and Practice at the Russian, Chinese and Mongolian Border (Open Book Publishers) and Cultivating Uncertainty: Ethnographies of opaque socialities (Hau 2/2 2012). He has published several articles, among which « Establishing mutual misunderstanding. A Buryat shamanic ritual in Ulaanbaatar » (JRAI 20/4, 2014) and « A sheep herder’s rage. Silence and grief in Mongolia » (Ethnos 74/4, 2009).