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Alberto Corsín Jiménez

ALBERTO CORSÍN JIMÉNEZ is Senior Scientist in Social Anthropology at the Spanish National Research Council. He has an interest in the organization of ethnography and anthropological knowledge as descriptive and theoretical forms. He recently published a book, A trompe l’oeil anthropology for a common world (Berghahn 2013), where description is placed at perpendicular angles vis-à-vis emerging forms of global public knowledge. He is also the editor of Culture and well-being: anthropological approaches to freedom and political ethics (Pluto, 2008) and The anthropology of organisations (Ashgate, 2007). His current work examines the rise of an urban commons movement and the development of open-source urban hardware projects by architects, artists and engineers. In this line of work, he has recently joined a variety of guerrilla architectural collectives and digital urban hackers and founded Ciudad Escuela (, an open-source urban pedagogical platform.